Dana's Press Photos & Posters

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Hi-Res Promo Photos:

Dr. Jane Goodall and Dana Lyons
Photo by Mary Lewis

Dana’s award winning illustrated children’s book The Tree (illustrated by Dave Danioth and published by Scholastic Books & Illumination Arts) contains forwards by Pete Seeger and Julia Butterfly Hill.

Winner of the Earth Hero Award and the Skipping Stones Honor Award

“The Tree should be on every child’s bookshelf. The illustrations are hauntingly beautiful. The message is powerful - we must take peaceful action to save what we love.”
Dr. Jane Goodall

For more info on The Tree - click here.

Cows With Guns
The Book
Illustrated by
Jeff Sinclair
Published by Penguin
Winner of the
Bullitzer Prize
“Utterly Amazing”
Cow Tse Tongue

The Cow Pie Nation
Cowpilation CD
Cows With Guns
original album
Cows With Guns Posters:
Ride the Lawn Posters:
11 X 17
PDF File
8.5 X 11
PDF File

“Leader of a moo-vement. . . Catapulted to cult status.”
The Portland Oregonian

“One of the finest performers I’ve ever seen.”
Dean Evenson, Co-Founder Soundings of the Planet

“A modern day Pete Seeger”
The Bellingham Weekly

“Every movement has its minstrel. The unions had Woody Guthrie. The Peace Movement had Phil Ochs. The environmental movement has Dana Lyons.” –Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
As seen on CNN Headline News & in Entertainment Weekly Magazine

As heard on Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Cows With Guns Quotes and Statistics

#1 for the Year on Dr. Demento

#2 on the Australian Country Charts
(Australian Record Industry Association -ARIA)

6 months on Ireland’s Top 40

10 months on Seattle’s Top 40

#1 on the rock, country, and album charts in Queensland, Australia
(Australia largest cattle state)

"Play it once and watch the phones explode."
Bob Rivers, Twisted Tunes
KISW Rock, Seattle

“It’s the indie success story of the year.”
Indie Magazine, Australia (Cows With Guns)

“’Free Bird’ used to be the rock anthem of Memphis. Now its “Free Cow”.
Tim Spencer, WEGR Rock, Memphis, TN

Concert Reviews:
“Your performances, as always, were incredible: simultaneously entertaining, hilarious, and educational. I appreciate the way your music conveys important messages in a fun and lighthearted manner and I am positive that the kids will never forget your catchy songs.” –Hans Cole, Deputy Director, Roots & Shoots USA, Jane Goodall Institute

“Whether he's singing about prophetic RVs, revolutionary cows, or the power of wild places, Dana is a master at mixing playful humor with social and environmental activism.   His voice is beautiful, his songs are funny, relevant, and thought provoking. –Backbone Concert Series, Vashon Island

“I saw Dana perform last night to an small audience that spanned three years old to eighty-five. He absolutely captivated everyone. Small girls, chins on hands, watched without moving. Teenaged boys stopped showing off. Older women clapped their hands. Every face had a smile. When it came to the sing-alongs, even the stuffiest old guys bellowed out the words. This is fun music but with serious messages about how we live.” –Ronald Mayo, Lopez Island, WA

“Dana's musical talent combined with his witty lyrics and delightful presence make his performances memorable and highly enjoyable.” –Dorle Sholz, Shorebird Festival, Homer, AK

“I was absolutely blown away by Dana….His music is such a splendid blend of rock, folk, humour, environmentalism, political critique, and more tongue-in-cheek humour!” –Sean Lymworth, Peacezilla Productions, Vancouver, Canada

“Dana Lyons, perhaps best known for his 1996 hilarity “Cows With Guns,” is a remarkable talent….Lyons’ like hasn’t been experienced since Tom Lehrer held forth exclusively in the 60s….Lyons’ talent, his travels around the world, his deep commitment to the environment…and a highly giving manner have produced more than a major entertainer. He’s one helluva human being.” –Bob Sanders, Whatcom Independent, Bellingham, WA

CD Reviews:
Ride the Lawn

“Ought-to-be household name Dana Lyons returns with another finely crafted disc of sly social commentary, but while the front cover suggests a set of rib-ticklers—he’s riding a lawnmower like a bronco—it’s the pensive expression Dana wears while astride a tamed Deere on the back cover that more reflects the mood….He returns again and again to environmental issues, with heartfelt pleas on behalf of endangered species and tourist-trampled landscapes, delivered in carefully wrought songs filled with sights, sounds and smells.” –Tom Petersen, Victory Review, September 2004

Circle the World

“Few people on earth top Jane Goodall for having both an important message and the scientific and moral authority to command attention and assent; few musical stars write or sing or live with the committed passion of Dana Lyons. Circle the World is a startling pairing, and a powerful CD. Goodall shares six stories from her life’s work with chimpanzees and ecological preservation in Africa that have, as their moral, the lesson that as the jungle and the chimps go, so go we all. She sees the planet’s fate in the frightened eyes of baby chimps, and African children; in the bewilderment of animals in zoos, and our human elders. These visions are shared by Dana Lyons, who intersperses the stories with solo, acoustic performances that hammer out danger, hammer out a warning. He is working in the same vein that was heard on much of his recent album, Ride the Lawn: urgent warnings to kick the bad habits that destroy each other and ourselves. Production and packaging are first rate, and of course the Jane Goodall Institute benefits.” –Tom Petersen, Victory Review, June 2005