Cow Tse Tongue on Mariachi Music

 "There is no finer music than Mariachi. Let me tell you why. With four violins playing simultaneously in unison, each in an ever so slight variation of the key, you create a vibrant and flowing source of unspeakably romantic sound. To the untrained ear, it may sound as if they are playing slightly out of tune, but it is this gentle discord amongst the passion and forcefulness of the music that creates the poignancy and fragrance of feeling that will pierce one's heart. Place this with the majesty of trumpets, the heavenly plucking of guitaron and vihuela, and I am truly at peace.

It is true that first in life, I am a revolutionary for my people. But it is my sincere hope that one day, in the not so far distant future, in better times, when young calves will walk freely and safely nibbling the spring grasses along side their buffalo brothers and sisters, that we elders will be able to lounge next to a gurgling stream, listening to the effervescent sound of romance itself: A nine piece mariachi band."

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