Written by Dana Lyons
Illustrated by Jeff Sinclair
Published by Penguin Books
(known for publishing great works of literature)

Includes CD single of COWS WITH GUNS plus an instrumental "cowreoki" version featuring Brett Lovins on slide Hawaiian guitar!

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"Brilliantly written, wonderfully illustrated, this masterpiece will go down in history as one of the great literary works of all time. Lyons and Sinclair capture the essence of the human experience, indeed life itself in this ultimate of parables. This book ranks with War and Peace, Ulysses, and The Cat in the Hat. The world will never be the same and the entire human race owes great thanks to Dana Lyons and Jeff Sinclair, who will no doubt receive the Bullitzer for this one. A great stocking stuffer!"
Cow Tse Tongue

"I didn't think the book could improve upon the song, but it does. Absolutely hilarious, this will sell millions."
Bob Rivers, Twisted Tunes, KISW Seattle's Best Rock

"We sold more Cows With Guns books at our book signing than any other book signing in the store's history."
Richard, Public Affairs Director, Village Books, Bellingham

"The COWS WITH GUNS book is the perfect introduction to THE COMPLETE WORKS OF COW TSE TONGUE-HIS MANIFESTO AND LOVE MEMOIRS, a 2431 page volume coming soon from Penguin Books."
Thomas Hefferson

The CD includes the original song you know and love, as well as an instrumental version featuring Brett Lovins on... Hawaiian slide guitar!?! Reading aloud to your family with this music playing is quite a moooving experience.