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Dana’s New Album: The Great Salish Sea

The Great Salish Sea Album Cover

Dana’s New Album: The Great Salish Sea

I’m happy to release my new album The Great Salish Sea. Produced by Casey Neill and recorded at Secret Society Studios in Portland, Oregon by Jordan Leff, The Great Salish Sea includes performances by many notable Portland artists, including Jenny Conlee (keyboardist for The Decemberists), Chet Lyster (lead guitar for Lucinda Williams and the Eels), and Annalisa Tornfelt (singer & fiddler for Black Prairie).

To order CD or listen to all the songs, click HERE.

Personalized Autographed CDs Available for a Limited Time

If you order your CD before April 15, I’ll autograph the CD to anyone you like. (e.g., to Tracy & Casey). I’m hoping this will encourage you to do your holiday and birthday shopping early, to help me pay off the album. Smile When you order your CD, there is an “Order Notes” box under the shipping address section during checkout. Indicate who you would like the CD to be autographed to.

A Tribute to Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger & Dana

When I was a child growing up near the Hudson River in upstate New York, Pete Seeger and the crew of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater organized our entire region to clean up the Hudson. Thousands of classes of elementary school students sailed on the Clearwater and helped. By the time I was in high school you could swim in it. Pete Seeger was one of the great human beings, one of the great generous world citizens. To my knowledge, he answered all his mail, including letters from teenagers like myself. He listened to every cassette tape of music submitted to him, on his walkman while he ice-skated in winter. Pete Seeger changed the world. And he also changed me. Thanks Pete.